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Common childhood conditions and growing pains in the foot and leg

Here at Footpoint our Podiatrists are trained at treating all aspects of foot and leg complaints, including childhood conditions. We work together with parents and children to find the root cause of the problem and put in place a treatment plan to ensure best outcome results. We find long term solutions for children are best achieved by regular checkups and education. Our advanced technology allows us to perform gait analysis that is recorded in our patient's file and examined during the course of the treatment to clinically and accurately assess your child's progress.

If you notice your child has hypermobility, in toeing, flat feet, inward rolling feet, balance problems, heel, knee, hip or foot pain, toe walking or tired aching feet and legs we recommend our gait analysis assessment and potentially orthotic therapy.

Children are often treated for ingrown toe nails, which may simply require a short appointment or for recurring cases, we are able to perform nail surgery onsite to remove the part of the nail causing all the drama.

Two of the most common childhood conditions are the irritation of the growth plates (most commonly at the back of the heel or front of the knee) from the pulling of tight muscles in active kids and night bone pain and muscle cramps. Irritation of the growth plate and night pains are specific to children but should be investigated by your podiatrist when they arise to appropriately diagnosed and treat the condition.

We believe in preventative methods for injuries and recommend children have an annual checkup prior to the start of the school year to assess walking patterns, foot positioning and wear on shoes. By bringing your child in for an assessment we can work on any potential problems that may occur if left untreated.

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