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Do I need to see a podiatrist?

We often get asked the question, should we book in with a podiatrist, a physio or our doctor. If you have any condition or concerns relating to your lower limbs, this may include hips, knees, calves, shines, ankles, feet and toes, the answer is absolutely yes, book in to see one of our Footpoint podiatrists! Podiatrists train for 4 years to become qualified and registered practitioners to specialise in lower limb conditions. They spend 4 years studying the lower limbs and are the go to profession for all things feet, ankles, knees and even your hips. So next time you may be wondering, who to see for your heel pain, toe nail fungus, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, aching legs, just to name a few, think Podiatry. At Footpoint we are equipped with all the knowledge, experience and of course all the latest technology to assess and treat your injuries and conditions.

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Footpoint Podiatry is a specialty podiatry and orthotic practice that has been leading the way in podiatry in Noosa since 1995. We strive to provide our patients with superior podiatry services by diagnosing, preventing and treating conditions of the foot and lower limb. Our aim is to achieve optimal foot health and provide quality service. We are your podiatrist in Noosaville that is able to treat all foot and lower limb conditions. You can be guaranteed your feet will be in good hands at Footpoint Podiatry Noosa.



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