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Everything you need to know about Dry Needling

The other day over coffee, a friend was raving about Dry Needling, and now my Podiatrist has recommended it as part of my treatment. So what exactly is Dry Needling, and how can it help me?


Let’s talk about Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a modern treatment used to release tension from knots or myofascial trigger points in muscles. When used in conjunction with Manual Therapy, it can be an effective tool in helping ease muscular tension that is contributing to you foot or lower limb condition.

For most people, the thought of inserting needles to relieve pain may seem a little out of left field. It’s important to remember that the needles being placed are very fine compared to those used for blood tests or injections. Your body’s reaction to the needles help to repair tissue and improve muscle function.


What to expect

  • Reduction in pain levels
  • Easing of muscular tension
  • Enhanced mobility
  • More rapid recovery


I’ve never had Dry Needling, tell me what will happen

  • Your Podiatrist will identify points that require Dry Needling
  • To ensure the highest standard of infection control, your skin will be cleansed with an alcohol swab prior to treatment
  • You may feel a slight pinch as some needles are placed
  • Some trigger points may contract initially, this is ok! Remember to breathe and the sensation will ease
  • Needles will remain in your skin for a short period of time
  • Once your Podiatrist is satisfied you have responded, all needles will be removed and disposed of safely


Did you know

  • At Footpoint Podiatry your health and safety is our priority; we only use high quality, single-use needles
  • Needles are much finer than those used for blood tests and injections, so you may not even feel some
  • You may experience mild bruising or temporary soreness, this is normal and will resolve within 24-48 hours
  • Dry needling can help provide longer lasting relief from many foot and lower limb conditions


The verdict

Although Dry Needling may not the best option those with needle phobias, for everyone else, it enables your Podiatrist to provide you with more effective and longer lasting results. Go on, be brave, give it a try! I sure have, and would definitely have it again.

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