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Here at Footpoint Podiatry Noosa We specialise in lower limb and foot problems. Whether it is an injury from daily life or sport, or you simply need your lower limbs checked, we can help. One of our main points of focus is creating orthotics which are prescribed specifically for each individual. The orthotics are made in our onsite Footpoint orthotic laboratory in Noosaville. Our knowledgeable podiatrists will assess, design and create orthotics to help alleviate back pain, leg pain and foot pain, plantar fasciitis and other conditions. The orthotics can be used to move around into multiple pairs of your shoes, and we ask that you leave us with a pair of your favourite shoes when we are creating your orthotics to ensure we fit them perfectly every time! We know that no two people and no two problems are the same, which is why our orthotics are uniquely custom-made for each individual to achieve optimal results. With our experience and knowledge our podiatrists are able to design and make your orthotics to the highest standards.

Fitting orthotic insoles in the clinic


At Footpoint Podiatry we understand how distressing and limiting it is to your everyday life when you live with pain or discomfort in your legs, feet or back. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to creating the best quality orthotics, made to order to target your skeletal system and neuromuscular system in order to reshape and shift your foot or leg to the correct position, alleviating any pain.

If you have a problem including pain even of lower severity, it is definitely worth going to a doctor to get it checked out. Similarly, if you are prescribed treatment, it is just as important to follow this as closely as possible. When a doctor prescribes you a custom orthotic, it is key that you take this advice. While it is true that you can get general orthotics, they will not help your situation as much as a customised item, and could even worsen your condition, a risk that isn’t worth taking. For the exact size and shape of your feet, only a custom-made orthotic can properly help you to recover, and that’s where Footpoint Podiatry excels.

Whether you are suffering from arthritis, bunions, diabetes, heel spurs, high arches, hammer toes, flat feet, bursitis, deformities or other ailments, our orthotics can be used to treat this, assisting the foot or ankle to function better, giving support to the ankle and lowering the risks for further injuries. So head to Footpoint today for your specialised solution.

Orthopedic insoles for flatfoot treatment


Our lab produces custom-fitted insoles, unique to your foot and your particular foot health or biomechanical issues. We 3d-scan your foot’s unique shape, then use computer design, CNC-Machining and traditional craft skills to create reliable and effective orthotics.

You get properly adjusted devices with same-day or next-day services, in harmony with your podiatry treatments.

digital composite of highlighted foot of a woman on treadmill


Orthotics FAQ

What are orthotics?

Orthotics, or insoles, are small, comfortable and lightweight devices that are fitted inside your shoes to relieve pressure from sore spots. They’re used to improve load on the feet and ankles to relieve injury and improve strength.


What are the three types of orthotics?

Orthotics can be soft, rigid or semi-rigid. Soft orthotics improve cushioning while your foot is placed on the ground. Semi-rigid orthotics provide stability along with cushioning and are often used in the treatment of flat feet. Rigid orthotics offer stability and prevent any movements that might cause pain.


What are orthotics supposed to do?

Orthotics do a number of things:

  • They “push” up to help your muscles, which “pull” down on your feet.
  • They change the ground reaction force into an orthotic reaction force. In other words, a small nudge becomes a push, and a push becomes a gentle nudge.
  • They raise the neurofeedback to the brain. As our feet have more nerve endings than any other part of our body, raising stimulation alters how we consciously and unconsciously move and place our feet.
  • They improve the load on injured feet, allowing them to repair and heal.
  • They prevent high-loading skin areas, such as corns or calluses, from receiving pressure.
  • They offer support at different parts of the gait phase.

How do you know if you need orthotics?

Orthotics may be right for you if:

  • Your feet are painful and swollen even after standing or walking.
  • You have sharp heel pain, especially early in the morning – this might indicate plantar fasciitis or inflammation of the tissue running from your heel to your toes.
  • You have flat feet or high arches.
  • You have balance problems or often fall.
  • Your shoes experience uneven wear.
  • You’ve had an injury to your feet or ankles.
  • You have foot complications from diabetes.

Should I go to a podiatrist for orthotics?

While you can buy orthotics over the counter, they are not guaranteed to relieve your foot or ankle issues, and could even do more harm than good. As experts in foot and ankle care, podiatrists carry the expertise and knowledge to recommend the best solution or to create custom orthotics designed specifically for your feet, something you won’t get by buying generic orthotics.

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Footpoint Podiatry is a specialty podiatry and orthotic practice that has been leading the way in podiatry in Noosa since 1995. We strive to provide our patients with superior podiatry services by diagnosing, preventing and treating conditions of the foot and lower limb. Our aim is to achieve optimal foot health and provide quality service. We are your podiatrist in Noosaville that is able to treat all foot and lower limb conditions. You can be guaranteed your feet will be in good hands at Footpoint Podiatry Noosa.



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