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Why Footpoint is your go to clinic for orthotics

Here at Footpoint we specialise in customised orthotics. For over 30 years we have been making our own orthotics as well as making orthotics for podiatrits near and far. We have an onsight laboratory where our orthotics are designed and made. Some are made up wholly by hand moulding, shaping, and covering, others are made partially with our milling machines and finished off by hand. Every orthotic we make is customised for each individual patient, and no set of orthotics will be the same for anyone other than yourself. We pride ourselve on our years of experience and expertise in orthotic manufacturing and prescribing.

We have decades of experience prescribing and manufacturing orthotics and our patients can be guaranteed the highest level of professionalism, service, product, support and care. Our superior orthotic products and manufacturing lab located in our Noosa clinic can give our patients peace of mind that they are not only supporting local business, but should any adjustments, recovers or repeat orthotics be required, it can be done with ease of time and cost. We are proud to be the only podiatrist in Noosa with an onsight laboratory and have been at the forefront of orthotic manufacturining for decades.

Before creating custom orthotics, our podiatrists will conduct a thorough examination of the individual's feet, including assessing their foot structure, range of motion, and gait (walking pattern). This will be done on our pressure plate platform which will be recorded and stored in our laboratory for any future orders you may require. We will use a 3d scanner to take some scans of your feet. This analysis helps determine the specific areas that need support and correction and provides our podiatrist with the information they require to design your orthotics. Once designed our technicians and podiatrists will all play a part in making these.

Custom-made orthotics can provide numerous benefits, including pain relief, improved stability and balance, enhanced athletic performance, reduced risk of injury, and improved overall foot and lower limb function.

Custom-made orthotics here at Footpoint are often used to correct foot and ankle abnormalities, such as overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot), supination (outward rolling of the foot), flat feet, high arches, or other imbalances in the feet and lower limbs. By providing proper support and alignment, they can help improve foot function and reduce pain or discomfort.

Footpoint custom orthotics are designed to provide personalized support and alignment for the feet. They can address issues such as arch support, heel and ankle stabilization, cushioning, pressure redistribution, and proper foot positioning during walking or running.


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Footpoint Podiatry is a specialty podiatry and orthotic practice that has been leading the way in podiatry in Noosa since 1995. We strive to provide our patients with superior podiatry services by diagnosing, preventing and treating conditions of the foot and lower limb. Our aim is to achieve optimal foot health and provide quality service. We are your podiatrist in Noosaville that is able to treat all foot and lower limb conditions. You can be guaranteed your feet will be in good hands at Footpoint Podiatry Noosa.



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