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Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciopathy, more commonly known as plantar fasciitis, is a condition that affects the fascial band located in the arch at the bottom of the foot.
The plantar fascia originates at the inner heel area and extends to attach to the ball of the foot from toes one through to five.

Some symptoms of plantar fascial pain include:
• pain located in the heel of one foot
• pain on first step in morning after getting out of bed which warms up after walking around for a while
• pain on first step after a period of rest
• pain in the heel region at the end of the day

There are some factors that can cause the plantar fascia to flare up, causing associated pain and inflammation. These include:
• overuse injury as a result of walking, running or standing for a longer period of time than what you normally would
• poor footwear
• a job that requires being on feet for an extended amount of time
• or a combination of all the above

Some things that can help to manage plantar fascial pain until you see a podiatrist is as follows:
• Wearing good supportive, slightly heeled, cushioned footwear at all times, even at home!
• Avoiding going barefoot, especially on hard floors
• massaging the bottom of your foot and into your arch with a tennis or spikey ball
• stretching and massaging your calf muscles, as tight leg muscles can pull on the plantar fascia, causing pain
• reducing your exercise regime until the fascia settles down - consider bike riding or swimming instead of running
• application of voltaren or another topical anti-inflammatory medication (as long as there are no contraindications for your medication and medical history)

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