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The ins and outs of Nail Surgery: Ingrown toenail begone!

Ingrown toenails. It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine if you’ve ever had one turn pear shaped. And boy can they deteriorate rapidly without proper care and attention. Thankfully, the team at Footpoint Podiatry is here to help, and get you out of this sticky, often painful situation.

There are many steps before we would recommend Nail Surgery. In the first instance, our primary goal is to get you out of pain and fighting off that infection. For cases that seem to return time and time again, Nail Surgery is a great option for those wanting a more definitive solution for problematic toenails.

What to expect

  • Bring a friend or family member and some open shoes! For your safety, we always recommend someone drive you to and from your procedure. Besides, if it doesn’t get posted to social media, it never happened right?
  • We will make sure you’re completely comfortable and know all about the procedure before we begin
  • Your friendly Podiatrist will put your toe to sleep with local anaesthetic so you will be completely comfortable during and for a few hours afterwards
  • We will work our magic to finally get rid of that nail or nail edge that has been tormenting you for so long
  • Your toe will then be gift wrapped (aka dressed) and we will give you the talk on how you’re meant to chill and rest for the next couple of days
  • We will see you again after 1-3 days to check on everything and change your bulky dressing to something more slim and comfortable

Did you know

  • Nail surgery is performed onsite at Footpoint Podiatry using sterile techniques - no need to go to hospital
  • Nail surgery is also a great option for heavily deformed toenails, such as severely involuted toenails, or painful clubbed toenails

Are you sick of getting the same ingrown toenail time and time again? Do you have an unusual toenail that is constantly painful? Nail Surgery at Footpoint might be the solution you've been looking for.

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